Another Update - Friday 3/20/2020

As we've previously stated, our church family will continue to submit to the guidelines being set by our federal, state, and local leaders. The goal is not only to be a good testimony as we obey our earthly authorities (and so obey our Heavenly Father), but also to genuinely model the heart of Christ for putting others above ourselves. This contagious virus is dangerous for certain at-risk groups, and while we trust God's timing and control over our very lives, we do not want to be party to community spread and unnecessarily putting people's lives at risk. Thank you for your understanding and patience.

Here are a couple of highlights from the latest bulletin from our local government, and a link to the full document:

"Effective immediately, upon signing, Bill No. 5806 will prohibit planned or spontaneous events with 10 or more people. This bill will also prohibit businesses from exceeding 25% of their occupant load in enclosed public places. This will have the effect of making sure appropriate social distance guidelines can be met."

"This ordinance will sunset when the emergency proclamation of the Mayor expires, which is currently set to expire May 15, 2020."

Link to alert from the City of Branson

One thing that we hope encourages you is that we are making significant progress in providing a BBC church family worship service online for you to use in your home on Sunday. See the instructions below for the ways you can access it.

Instructions for Accessing Online Services

At Branson Bible Church, we have done our best to make accessing our online worship services as easy as possible. You can find our services three ways: Facebook, YouTube, and our website. We have provided instructions below on how to locate our services on each platform. (Our Website): 

1) Go to

2) Scroll down to the center of our home page

3) Click the "Worship Online with Us" button, and you will automatically be re-directed to a page with our online worship service

4) If you'd like to follow a more traditional order of service with your family, watch the videos in order, starting with the "Call to Worship" video, then singing along with the two lyric videos we have provided, watching the message, and finally closing up with a final song. If you'd prefer to just view the message, feel free to skip directly to that video!


1) Go to or open the YouTube app on your Apple TV, Roku, or other streaming device.

2) In the top center of your screen, type "Branson Bible Church" in the search bar.

3) Click on the first result that pops up, which will be our channel.

4) Click on our most recent upload for our latest sermon, or on the sermon you're interested in viewing, and the video will automatically begin playing.

Note: If you haven't already subscribed to our channel, we'd love it if you'd consider doing so now, so that you can easily access all of our future videos!


1) Go to

2) In the top left corner, search "Branson Bible Church"

3) Click on the first result that pops up, which will be our Facebook page

4) Scroll down through our feed to the most recent sermon

5) Click on the link with our most recent sermon, and you will automatically be re-directed to YouTube

6) Grab some popcorn, and enjoy :-)

Note: If you have not yet liked our Facebook page, we recommend doing so now, so that you will not miss any important future updates!

Update - Monday 3/16/2020

Church family,

I'm deeply thankful for your unity and patience in handling this unique situation that is not only affecting us but so many people around the world. And we can be genuinely grateful that we as believers can trust the Lord with all things and that we are privileged to serve our communities in the coming days to think of others above ourselves by following the guidelines of our governing authorities for minimizing community spread of the virus.

Click here to read our original post: BBC COVID-19 Response.pdf

Yesterday we announced in our regular service that we have enacted Level Two of our previous protocol, which means that all services are suspended for at least the next two weeks. (We said that we would not be meeting in person at our facility either the 22nd or the 29th, at the very least. This includes cancellation of mid-week services and other activities at church.)

As of late yesterday, the US Health Department has updated information on mass gatherings (with Missouri Gov. Mike Parsons supporting the measures) to not have meetings of more than 50 people for the next 8 weeks. They continue to increasingly implore at-risk individuals (those over 60 and with underlying conditions) to take extra precaution by staying home as much as possible.

This may seem difficult, but we aim to follow their guidelines as well as get creative with ways that we might not only share sermons online but also encourage interaction with our church family. Please be sure that you are following our Facebook activity ( and receive text updates (using Remind: to the number 81010, text @bbcpray50). In the coming days we will increasingly be sharing information for how you can participate in online activities for our church community.

I'm praying with you for health and safety and for our community and nation's economy during this time. I'm praying even more for us to grow spiritually, that we will possibly connect with one another in ways we haven't in the past, and that God will give us unique opportunities to share the gospel in a time when people will be searching for answers.

Honored to be your servant,

Pastor Jeff

Original Post - Friday 3/13/2020

BBC COVID-19 Response.pdf